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We are real life swingers who wanted to create a site to help other real swingers and anyone truly interested in the swinging experience find the very best websites to meet other swingers.  We will write our honest opinions and reviews of swingers sites.  The ability to look thru profiles of other swingers, find swingers parties in almost every major city in the world, meet sexy swingers in your own area, or when you are travelling is the greatest thing that has happened to swingers for years. 

We have had so much fun and met so many great people over the years and we just want to try and make it easier on new couples who are joining the lifestyle.  There are a few really good swinger sites out there, and there are a lot of bad ones.  We have tried most of them in our personal life and also to help us provide you with the information that you need to make a good dedcision and not wast your time, or your money on crappy, or fake swinger sites.

We hope you enjoy our website and we hope you find a swinger or casual dating site that really works well for you.  Even more importantly, we sincerely wish you the very best in your new adventures.  Communicate and talk with each other often, and have fun.  We believe that swinging brings couples closer and allows you to reach a level of passion, intimacy, and honesty that strengthens and deepens your relationship!

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